Company Information at Your Fingertips…24×7

Imagine having access to everything you need in one compact, mobile platform. You no longer need to remember numerous websites and passwords. This is your company….simplified!

Custom Branding

We provide the team and the technology to integrate your brand identity into the platform. Employees will have access to all of your company benefits programs, social sites, and events in one place. Your company brand identity never looked better!

Simple Navigation

Easy to use, intuitive screen access! Employees can use their devices anywhere, including areas where internet access may not be available. Key content is readily available and easy to access. Single sign-on access is provided to ensure one-touch functionality with simplified navigation.

Easy Configuration and Analytics

  • Native mobile app which means a better, faster user experience for all employees
  • Integration with all major insurance carriers, most open enrollment vendors and most payroll platforms
  • Additional integration with more than 425 vendors and growing!
  • Native app that integrates with all devices (smartphone, IOS, android, etc.)
  • Automatic updates pushed to your device

One Touch Access to Vital Information

Health, Wealth, Social and more…When you need one-touch access to key information, access is there…24×7.

Easy to use
Fast Access
Application Integration
User Satisfaction

A rapidly expanding user base

We have some of the biggest industry names using our product and there’s a reason why! Join them and expand your company’s brand equity and employee satisfaction. You’ll be glad you did!


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